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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 30, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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coming up later on ♪ in the news this monday morning, a critically wounded fremont police officer undergoes more surgery but is doing better this morning. the gang member accused of shooting him could be returned to the bay area from san diego today. >> san jose police are investigating three separate weekend shootings that left four people dead. the latest incident involved fellow officers. >> san francisco police are looking for the culprits in copper thefts. >> downtown san francisco not too many clouds but they're lurking along the east bay shore. we'll talk how temperatures are going to slowly warm before another cold weekend. >> we have road work on
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northbound101 in the south bay, a new crash in livermore. all those details coming up. >> good monday morning. it's 4:30 it had i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a fremont police officer shot on friday remains in critical condition. todd young is expected to have more surgery later this week after undergoing two rounds of surgery on his stomach and bladder over the weekend. the suspect was arrested saturday near san diego just yards from the border crossing. he's being held in san diego on charges of attempted murder, carjacking and attempted carjacking. he could be returned to the bay area as early as today. as officer young fights for his life, support is pouring in from the community. abc 7's cecilia vega reports. >> as a fremont officer underwent a second round of surgery, friends and even strangers were desperate to help in any way they could. that's how long she had to wait
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to donate blood. she works with officer young on the major crimes task force. >> it can happen anytime, anywhere, any type of a call. whether it's a regular traffic stop, whether something like a search warrant or anything. >> officer lisa asmonth never met officer young but it brought back memories when four of her own were shot and killed in the line of duty. she was on duty friday when young was shot while serving search warrants in east oakland. she rushed to the scene. >> it's deja vu. >> after a massive 24 hour manhunt, police arrested him near the mexican border. police say he had a handgun in his waistband, the same type of weapon used to shoot young. mark rigs wanted to go to the hospital to be by his friend's side but he came to the blood bank instead. >> he can't take visitors so this is something i can do for
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him. >> officer young is a father of three and a veteran bay area police officer. he was shot twice in the pelvic area and is expected to need even more surgeries over the course of the coming weeks. so this call for blood and this need for donors remains in effect. reporting at highland hospital, abc 7 news. five red cross agencies accepting donations in officer young's name includes ones in pleasant hill, oakland, pleasanton and fremont. you'll find the list of the blood centers and their addresses at >> a fatal police shooting capped a particularly violent weekend in san jose. three of the city's 18 homicides this year also occurred this weekend. two men were shot saturday night during a shoot-out in an apartment complex parking lot on morris court in west san jose and a 19-year-old woman was shot to death on san antonio court friday night. police were called to a south san antonio apartment complex early sunday morning where a
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distraught man was threatening to kill himself with a nail gun. 45 minutes trying to reach him, police forced their way into the apartment. they say that's when the deadly confrontation occurred. >> the suspect inside the residence that had the self-inflicted wound was also armed with a 10-inch knife. he confronted the officers in a very close proximity and the officers discharged their weapon. >> three officers fired a total of about six shots killing the man. police say the officers did have tasers but didn't use them. why they chose not to use them will be part of a follow-up investigation. a preliminary report by the family violence council shows domestic violence in san francisco increased over the past year. calls to 9-1-1 are rising because emergency responders have better training to reach more people who may be victims of domestic violence and people are feeling safer about calling. a draft shows more than 7,000
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domestic violence calls were made to 9-1-1 in the fiscal year that ended in june. that's 600 more calls than the previous year. the report also shows the district attorney's office prosecuted about 25% more elder abuse cases in the past year. >> 4:35 now. oakland activists will old a news conference to talk about plans to occupy a child care center tomorrow to protest its closure. the golden gate and san jose child development centers are still set to close tomorrow because they're out of state funds. the bay area community coalition to defend affirmative action plans to hold a sit-in at the center tomorrow to protest the closures. >> it's 4:35. 12 separate thefts of bare copper wire are being investigated. it's resulted in power outages including this at mount zion hospital last week. they had to turn on backup
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generators while pg&e replaced the wires to an underground fault. the copper thefts take place between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning. the suspects parked mere san manhole cover and cut lose the 1 inch thick copper wires. >> a fire has led police to a fourth marijuana growing operation in a home this month. a fire was reported in the 4,000 block of plainview court. when firefighters went inside, they discovered the growingpation. investigators think electrical wiring rigged by the growers sparked the fire. firefighters say pg&e service had been bypassed. investigators say four rooms in the home were dedicated to growing pot. no one was home at the time of the fire. san jose firefighters have discovered marijuana farms inside three other homes of that caught fire this month. >> in marin county, firefighters are trying to determine the calls of a small brush fire that threatened some homes. the fire started around 6:30 last night on a hillside near
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margarita drive and highland avenue in san rafael. firefighters evacuated two homes because the flames were coming close to them. about 50 firefighters spent an hour putting out the one-acre blaze. nobody was hurt. >> 4:37. last week we started monday with a heat wave. not this week. >> no, not this week. it is pretty cool out there. mike, tell us more. >> yeah, feels pretty nice. nice sleepy weather over the weekend and through today. but we have a warming trend that's on the way. but it won't be nearly as hot as it was last week. let's talk about temperatures. we're 60 in oakland right now and about 65 in antioch. mid to upper 50s through the rest of the bay. temperatures will jump a few degrees, especially the farther you are away from water. back to the low to mid-80s in the east bay valley. around 70 in oakland. mid-70s for most of the bay with mid to upper 70s down into the south bay with san jose about 76
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degrees. 65 today in san francisco and richmond. you can see mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys with san rafael and napa 75 and santa rosa 77. clouds on the increase along the coast, about 61 half moon bay bay. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. jump 2 to 4 degrees away from the coast tomorrow, about 4 degrees warmer on wednesday and the heat peaks on thursday with mid-90s inland and mid-60s at the coast. good morning, megan. >> off to a slightly rough start this morning. we've got road work and a new crash in livermore to tell you about but good news at the bay bridge toll plaza. no road work this morning on the bay bridge so no problems heading into san francisco. that crash in livermore is eastbound 580 at north greenville road. right now involves anover turn vehicle that's on the right-hand shoulder. southbound 101 you'll find the ramp to northbound 880 closed until 7:00 this morning. contra costa county, here's a live look in walnut creek, no
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problems southbound 680 making your way into the san ramon valley. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. no road work does make for a good morning. >> it does. 4:39 now. a major new bike path is ready to open in the north bay. just one problem. still ahead, the hitch the state budget crisis is growing in the final construction. >> an ambitious plan to ease congestion on a stretch of one of san francisco's busiest streets seems to be working. >> which of these you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals for my bird friends. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of myife so i have to take care of myself. [ male announcer ] to kp doing what y love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. [ bob ] makes you feel ageless. brrrbb! [ male announcer ] it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. [ bob ] squak! good monday morning. it is 4:41. let's take a live look out here on the embarcadero in san francisco. we've got a clear morning and rather chilly in a lot of places. we'll check with mike and talk about a warm-up as the week goes on. check of traffic next. >> the opening of a newly built bike path on highway 101 in san
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rafael is being delayed because of the state budget. the pathway was supposed to open last summer. now the work is finished except for wiring the final half of the lighting but the state budget delay prevents the state from paying pg&e to do that. cal tran won't open the path until the work is finished. >> the restrictions on private vehicle traffic on the eastern end of san francisco's market street for nearly a year now is apparently working. the great streets project says the number of cyclists on eastbound market street has increased by half and pedestrian traffic is also up. at the same time there were 46% fewer cars and muni says buses are moving faster in the area. cars reaching market on 6th, 8th and 10th street are not allowed to turn left on market and cars already heading east are forced to make a right turn at those intersections. >> paying to fill up your car is costing a little less according to the latest gas survey. the national average price for
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regular unleaded is $2.70 down 7.5 cents over the last two weeks. california the average price is $3.06 a gallon. bakersfield still has the cheaper averaging $3.01 and who would you think has the highest. >> san francisco. >> thank you very much. $3.13 a gallon. >> you call that news? okay. 4:43. the obama administration is sending new aid for struggling homeowners. >> stormny weather. hurricane earl is getting stronger and could be heading to the u.s. that story coming up. >> messages from loved ones from 2,000 feet down. the new video of those trapped chilean miners. >> the next big thing in mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right.
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a little warmer along the east coast with temperatures in the mid-90s d.c., new york to 90 in boston. all is good this monday morning in our major airports but you see rain heading towards denver and severe weather around minneapolis. if there's flight delays we'll have them at >> it's 4:46. the obama administration is launching two new programs aimed at kick starting the housing market. one program would help borrowers whose mortgages exceed the market value of their homes. another would help homeowners who have lost their jobs. the announcement follows recent news that u.s. home sales tanked in july when a special tax credit ended. the new programs are expected to begin over the next few weeks. housing secretary sean donovan is also promising more federal assistance for renters. >> the president is vowing more aid to homeowners in new orleans still feeling the impact of hurricane "katrina." sunday marked the 5th
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anniversary "katrina" hit land. a levee break caused massive flooding in new orleans. "katrina" left more than 1600 people dead. it was the most costly storm in u.s. history. and new orleans paid tribute last night to the people who helped rebuild the city after "katrina." earlier residents marched in the 9th ward to remember the disaster that wiped out the neighborhood. critics say more needs to be done to help thousands still waiting to rebuild their lost homes. >> the height of the hurricane season is here with a trio of storms in the atlantic. hurricane earl approaches. forecasters are keeping watch on another system that could build strength in the next day or two. over the weekend hurricane danielle turned up dangerous rip currents along the east coast. emily schmidt has it all. >> caution along the waterbed as three separate water systems impact. round one, hurricane danielle.
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this from the space station shows what was a category 4 storm. danielle stayed far out to sea but caused dangerous rip currents that hit along the east coast this weekend. from new jersey to florida, lifeguards rescued hundreds. ocean city, maryland called all swimmers out. hours later four men ignored the rule. three were found, one is missing. now hurricane earl is picking up steam. there were hurricane watches for the u.s. virgin islands. earl could be headed there. earl could approach the outer banks of north carolina as early as thursday night. earl should steer clear of the gulf of mexico region but a third storm is close behind. it could develop into fiona sometime today or tomorrow. >> 4:48. mike is here to talk about our weather which is considerably calm and also cool.
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>> absolutely. let's take a look outside, show you what's going on this monday morning. seeing a fairly clear sky over san francisco over sutro tower. we have clouds building along the coast and over along the east bay shore. yes, temperatures are going to be slightly below average once again today but that will start to change as we head deeper into the week with a warmer trend on the way. let's talk temperatures. and you can see where in the 40s around santa rosa, napa and los gatos, all three at 48 degrees. we have san rafael at 52 with redwood city, fremont and livermore, the rest of us mid 50s. 58 antioch. santa cruz and gilroy 49 now. watsonville 50 but monterey and salinas in the mid to upper 50s. sunny around the bay. a slow warming trend this week that will bypass mainly the coast and to a lesser extent the bay. strongest inland. cooling again. i know it's a big weekend, labor day weekend. kids may be furloughed on friday because of budget cuts.
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may have a four-day weekend. try to make it as nice as possible. may be cool again like it has been the last two weekends. let's focus in on the clouds this morning. here we go along the east bay shore down into the santa cruz mountains and all the way into the monterey bay. and notice by about noon we're looking pretty good just about everywhere with sunshine. and then that onshore sea breeze starts to bank those clouds up again to the coast keeping you in the 60s. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. in fact low 70s from milpitas to mid-70s santa clara at 75. 76 san jose to nearly 80 los gatos. on the peninsula the cool spot san mateo at 69. from millbrae southward we'll have low to mid-70s. breezy along the coast today with temperatures right around 60 degrees. downtown south san francisco mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s from sausalito through the north bay valleys with your beaches becoming cloudy with temperatures near 60 degrees. richmond and berkeley, mid to upper 60s for you. low to mid-70s for the rest of
4:51 am
the east bay shore. the warmest weathered in the east bay valleys. low to mid-80s here from dublin. brentwood 84 today. gilroy low to mid-80s for you. hollister 77. watsonville the warm spot, 70. mid to upper 60s for monterey and excuse. around the state temperatures cool. tahoe 64. low to mid-80s through the central valley to 75 l.a., 92 palm springs. may have a sprinkling of scattered showers in the northern california mountains. as far as the game tonight at at&t park, the rockies are in town, 7:15 first pitch. breezy, cool and temperatures drop from 64 to 58 by the time the game is over. cool spot tonight, cloverdale 49. low to mid-50s through the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s with more cloud cover tomorrow morning. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. you can see the stair step as we climb ever so slowly, like 2 to 4 degrees warmer tomorrow. another 4 degrees warmer on wednesday.
4:52 am
the heat will peak with mid-90s inland thursday. mid to upper 80s around the bay. mid-60s at the coast. by the time we get to the weekend we lose about 10 to 15 degrees. have a great day. here's megan. >> mike, good morning. we're starting in the south bay with a live look in san jose. this is 101 at the 880 overcrossing. no problem heading up the peninsula but we have some road work if you're heading from northbound 880. you'll find a ramp to southbound 101 is closed until 7:00 this morning. we're following an injury crash in livermore. eastbound 580 at north greenville road. a car flipped over and is on the right-hand side shoulder. emergency crews on the scene there. this crash knocked down about 50 feet of guardrail so cal tran lab repairing that in the area. mass transit? no delays this morning. for the latest traffic update go to our website click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot.
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it's 4:52. mining officials in chile say 33 trapped miners have to help in their own rescue operation. the miners sent greetings to their families in a new video yesterday. most expressed gratitude for the support they were getting. some broke down though when they started speaking about their wives and children. they have to clear thousands of tons of rock. it could take rescuers four months to get to the men. >> volcano experts are warning there could be more eruptions from a volcano in western indonesia that hasn't been active 400 years. an eruption yesterday spewed sand and ash about a mile into the air. there's lava flow near the volcano's crater. authorities evacuated 10,000 people as a precautionary measure. indonesia tv reports dust and ash has killed one person and hospitalized dozens of others. >> we've seen an explosion of 3-d movies in recent years and
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now manufacturers are selling 3-d tv's. but little is known about the effects of 3-d vision on our brains. now, researchers at u.c. berkeley are applying cutting edge technology in the drive to discover its impact. richard hart reports. >> avatar is acknowledged to be the best live action 3-d movie yet. a camera like this was used for most of it. >> headaches and discomfort that's caused by the image that your eyes and brain don't expect are now gone when the 3-d 1 produced correctly. >> when it's not produced correctly? >> i know what to look for and once you see the problems they drive you nuts. >> martin is breaking new ground in the way we per self depth. surprisingly little is known about the physiology of ster
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stereoscop vision. much of what is marketed as 3-d 1 really 2-d. when done too quickly, it can give you a headache. closeups can unsettle the brain. an object that is supposed to be 4 feet from the viewer is being projected on to a screen 10 to 40 feet away. here emily cooper's experiment is finding that audiences do not take viewing distance into account. the shutter effect. in a 3-d broadcast, two cameras snap a picture at the same time, 60 times per second. on the screen those two pictures are shown at two different times, first for one eye, then for the other, making a fast-moving object appear to be in the foreground when it is. the lab has found a solution to this. this doesn't mean 3-d is bad for you. >> i'm not very concerned about it. i do wish we did more research on it. >> with the next step in 3-d,
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richard hart, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:55 now. the emmy awards with tv's biggest stars last night in los angeles. ♪ >> jimmy fallon peppered the show with sketches like this parody of elton john. the award went to modern family. best supporting actor and writing. >> we are so grateful, we are so thrilled that families are sitting down together to watch a television show. >> for the third consecutive year best drama went to madmen. george clooney accepted the bob hope humanitarian award for terror attack victims. best actress for nurse jackie. and brian cranston got his third consecutive emmy for breaking
4:57 am
bad. jim pearson in a comedy for the big bang theory. best variety, music or comedy series went to the daily show. >> don't you wish our schedules allowed us to watch some of these shows. >> wouldn't that be nice. watching tv, hmm. >> just ahead at 5:00, a mysterious death. san francisco police try to determine why a woman fell to her death from a burning san francisco apartment. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. i will have the latest on the police officer shot here at oakland on friday. also when we might see the suspect in this case who was arrested near mexico on saturday. that story coming up in a live report. >> the search for a new san jose police chief gets underway. why some community leaders since i've been doing roller derby for the last thr years, i'm more brash, more confident and i love this. can i use my hands? is that alright? i take good care of my body and i do it so i can do this.
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